What is AMPP®?


At The Regenerative Clinic we exclusively offer our patients Activated Mesenchymal Pericyte Plasma injections (AMPP®). This innovative and minimally invasive procedure is a combination of Lipogems® and Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy.

Lipogems® is a cutting-edge technology that harnesses the natural and powerful reparative capability of adipose (fat) tissue. Regenerative cells are separated from fat tissue using the Lipogems® system and re-injected into the painful area.

The Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (PRP) procedure involves the extraction of the platelet-rich part of blood, which is then re-injected into the injured area with the aim of increasing the local concentration of platelets and growth factors. AMPP® harnesses the body’s natural capacity to improve and repair damage caused by degeneration using cells and factors from both adipose (fat) tissue and blood.

The four steps of AMPP®

1. Fat Harvesting

Our plastic surgeon removes fat from your mid section or thigh by making two small incisions of less than 1 cm each. The fat is removed using a water-assisted suction tool while you are sedated.

2. Blood Withdrawal

To generate the PRP injection, blood is drawn from your arm by our anaesthetist exactly the same way that a blood test is performed. This is then centrifuged in a special machine to prepare the injection in theatre.

3. Processing

The regenerative cells are separated from your fat tissue using the Lipogems® system. Meanwhile plasam is separated from blood cells using a centrifuge. Your cells remain unchanged and no other chemicals are added.

4. Injecting

A combination of adipose (fat) and PRP injections known as AMPP® is then administered by our consultant under ultrasound guidance to ensure precision.

How does AMPP® work?

Together, they amplify the body’s own natural reparative processes to repair the damage and reduce the pain caused by arthritis or joint degeneration.

Over 30,000 patients have been treated worldwide with Lipogems® across the world, resulting in a high percentage of successful outcomes. PRP has been used for over 20 years to treat injuries, lower levels of arthritis and degenerative conditions. PRP intensifies the mechanisms that allow your body to heal faster and more effectively.

What conditions can AMPP® treat?

  • Injuries or ailments (any injuries that prevent or limit daily physical activity and movement)
  • Painful joints with limited range of motion (joint pain and limited mobility pain caused by arthritis, osteoarthritis or joint degeneration)
  • Soft tissue defects in tendons, ligaments and/or muscles

What should I expect?

The AMPP® procedure is a day case procedure performed in approximately one hour with minimal recovery time. A plastic surgeon will collect a small volume of fat from your abdomen using a minimally invasive technique that requires a very small incision.

The Lipogems® are created in a closed-loop system device that uses only sterile solution to wash away the impurities. The gentle process micro-fragments the fat, preserving the natural and beneficial properties of the tissue. Platelet Rich Plasma involves drawing blood from a vein in the arm and processing the blood in a centrifuge to extract the platelet rich part of the blood.

The Lipogems® and PRP is then injected into the area or areas causing pain under ultrasound guidance. The patient is asked to arrive an hour prior to the procedure and should be discharged from recovery within three hours afterwards.

Why have we chosen AMPP®?

  • It is a minimally invasive procedure
  • It can be an alternative to major surgery
  • AMPP can aid post-surgery recovery
  • No major incisions or cuts
  • AMPP can help if you have an injury or long-term condition that limits daily activity
  • If you have pain and/or limited joint movement, AMPP can be very effective
  • If you have already tried physiotherapy, NSAIDs or steroid injections, AMPP can offer a minimally invasive alternative to pain relief.
  • If you have a tendon, ligament and/or muscle problem, AMPP can be an effective treatment option

Why have we decided to offer AMPP® to our patients?

Through our research of using Lipogems®, we have found there are a small subgroup of individuals that do not seem to respond to biologic treatments. In an effort to reduce this number and improve the amplitude of the response of those who do respond, we have decided to offer the combined treatment of AMPP® using both with Lipogems® and plasma rich in growth factors.

What is the scientific research behind AMPP®?

For successful regeneration of tissues three components are important and need to be present. This includes a scaffold, cells that are able to reside within this scaffold and the factors substances that allow the communication between the cells.

The harvested fat contains the cells that are required for the regenerative process as well as some scaffold in the form of adipose tissue. The PRP that we use provides growth factors that improve the activity of the cells in scientific studies and also provide some of the scaffold. Basic science research has shown that there is improvement in the survival of the cells within the fat by using PRP.

There is no clear clinical evidence that the addition of plasma rich in growth factors makes a dramatic improvement but certainly the science suggests that the combination provides a much better environment for the activity of the cells as well as providing an appropriate scaffold.

Do you use AMPP® for all joints?

We use AMPP® for all of our patients large joints but with the smaller joints (the fingers and smaller toes) it is more difficult due to the very small volumes that can be contained within them. In this case, your consultation with one of our orthopaedic specialists will give you an opportunity to discuss other regenerative treatment options.

What are the risks?

AMPP is a relatively risk-free procedure, but you may experience some transient side-effects, the majority of which should resolve in a few days. Your doctor will discuss these side-effects with you prior to your treatment. Side-effects can include:

  • Pain, numbness and or swelling in the area treated
  • Brusing, reddening, petechiae (red spots) to your skin
  • Infection in the harvesting area
  • Mild to moderate swelling and/or local inflammation at injection site
  • Fluid build up is rare
  • Lack of effectiveness of treatment

Lifestyle change

AMPP forms the basis of a process and approach to maintaining a functioning and pain-free joint. This approach encompasses a whole host of lifestyle changes in order to allow individuals with arthritis to function without extensive surgery.

Exercising regularly to maintain and improve the range movement of your joints as well as strengthen the muscles that support your joints is essential. Exercise will help to keep you fit and train the body to balance through your joints, which will reduce any feeling of instability and poor control of the limbs. This way you can maintain a normal body weight and not put strain on your joints.

Patient journey

The philosophy of The Regenerative Clinic is to monitor and reassess all our patients with three additional consultations up to a year after the procedure. It is essential that we ensure a satisfying patient journey and to be aware of how each patient responds to our treatments. 

Our specialists and partners are committed to supporting the growth of our research in this modern field of healthcare. You will be contacted by our research team and asked to fill out some questionnaires so that we can measure your progress scientifically.

Clinical evidence

The philosophy of Lipogems® is a new and innovative treatment that has helped over 35,000 patients worldwide. It has been extensively researched, click here to read some of the key clinical papers.

Our AMPP procedure is sometimes used in conjunction with PRP injections directly into the bone (intraosseous) for patients who have further bone damage. A bruised bone or a bone edema is typically a response to conditions such as osteoarthritis as well as injury. You can read more information on intraosseous PRP and the latest clinical results here.

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