Nerve Pain

Nerves are tough, flexible cables that connect to all different parts of your body and carry electrical signals to and from your brain, for example telling your legs when to walk or run. They run up your back to the base of your skull through the spinal cord, which also contains 31 pairs of nerve roots between the back bones, your vertebrae.

If these nerves or nerve roots become pinched, irritated or inflamed, which is often due to spinal conditions such as a herniated or collapsed disc, you can end up with nerve pain.

Can the Regenerative Clinic help?

Our renowned medical team provides a range of treatments, from the traditional to the innovative:

Steroid injections

Also called facet blocks, these are recommended if you’ve not had much success with the first-step approaches of painkillers, exercise, losing weight and spinal physiotherapy. 


For some patients, surgery can be a very effective approach. At the Regenerative Clinic, you can speak to one of our consultants who can advise on whether surgery is appropriate for you and what that would involve.

What are the symptoms of nerve pain?

Your nerve pain can be in the exact area the pinching or inflammation is happening, or may radiate out to other parts of your body – such as your arms or legs – or even both. Other potential symptoms include numbness, tingling, burning and weakness in your limbs.

Why have a consultation at the Regenerative Clinic?

Our experienced consultants will undertake a thorough examination exploring non-surgical and surgical treatments. They’ll also discuss your suitability for our state-of-the-art biological therapies. 

Who will my consultation be with?

Our expert team comprises of highly experienced surgeons, sports medicine doctors and physiotherapists who are committed to delivering a high level of care and the correct treatment option so you can quickly get back to moving around. 

The first step is to book a consultation for a thorough assessment.  Click here to make an appointment.

What is the autologous biological approach and when should it be considered?

Autologous translates as ‘from the same person.’ In brief, it involves using your own cells to encourage healing. The major benefits are that there is no chance of rejection, infection or contamination as you are using cells from your own body rather than a donor. 

We offer a range of therapies based on this principle which can be considered if traditional treatments including surgery aren’t relieving your pain. 

Clinical evidence

Biological treatments are pioneering procedures and we’re continuously monitoring and recording its effectiveness. Patients undertaking these treatments are asked to complete pre-operative and post-operative questionnaires. 

The information obtained from these questionnaires allows us to monitor your progress and it also contributes to our evidence-based database and other global studies on biological treatments. All information gathered is anonymised.

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