Intraosseous injection of Platelet Rich Plasma for the treatment of severe knee osteoarthritis: a case-control study

Author: Pompei

The Regenerative Clinic's view on this research

Mr Nima Heidari “Osteoarthritis has been demonstrated to be both a disease of the cartilage within the joint, the lining of the capsule of the joint and also is associated with changes in the subchondral bone which is the bone directly beneath the articulating surface of the joint. Many of the treatments for arthritis pivot around the injection of substances into the joint, in most cases neglecting the changes that may be the cause for the symptoms within the bone around the joint. In this paper, an innovative technique of injecting biologically active substance, such as PRP into the subchondral bone, was assessed and it was assessed in the group of patients who have the more severe forms of arthritis. What has been demonstrated here is that by treating all the elements of arthritis and treating all of the tissues that are affected by the arthritis, there is a dramatic improvement in the outcomes. In this elegant paper the team have demonstrated that in the more advanced forms of osteoarthritis, addressing the changes within the bone with injection of PRP, referred to as an intraosseous injection, lead to dramatically improved outcomes.”

These results provide useful information about the clinical efficacy of intraosseous infiltrations of PRP in patients with severe knee osteoarthritis, and open new perspectives on additionally targeting subchondral bone to treat knee osteoarthritis.

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