Lateral epicondylitis: a review of pathology and management

Author: Ahmad et al
Year: 2013

The Regenerative Clinic's view on this research

A more recent study by Ahmad et al 10 looked at the use of PRP injections versus extra corporeal shock-wave therapy for chronic lateral epicondylitis. This study had a minimum of a 2 years follow up was a retrospective comparison study and concluded that both PRP injections and extra corporeal shock-wave therapy are safe options for treatment for chronic lateral epicondylitis and there is low risk of complications and with good long-term follow up results. However, they did note that ultrasound guided PRP injections was quicker in achieving symptom resolution. The mean time to return to active normal life was also quicker with PRP when compared to shockwave therapy.


Lateral epicondylitis, or ‘tennis elbow’, is a common condition that usually affects patients between 35 and 55 years of age. It is generally self-limiting, but in some patients it may continue to cause persistent symptoms, which can be refractory to treatment. This review discusses the mechanism of disease, symptoms and signs, investigations, current management protocols and potential new treatments.

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