We Take Regenerative Therapy To Karachi

We Take Regenerative Therapy to Karachi

The Regenerative Clinic wowed Karachi with three days of education, insight and research

The Regenerative Clinic took five of Europe’s leading orthopaedic surgical minds on an intensive tour of Pakistan’s capital city, Karachi.

Speaking from their own regenerative medicine conference at The Jinnah Postgraduate Centre Professor Adrian Wilson, Mr Ali Noorani and Mr Nima Heidari were overwhelmed at the level of interest in Lipogems, PRP and the breadth of other rejuvenating therapies now available.

Ali Noorani said, “I know that Pakistan is a cricket-crazed nation so there is a lot of interest in the treatment of sporting injuries at both an elite athlete level and for sports hobbyists. We are now treating many well-known sporting stars for a wide range of conditions to nullify the need for surgery and to assist in rapid recovery from injury.”

The conference explored the pioneering Lipogems therapy for the treatment of orthopaedic problems and the alleviation of chronic pain. The treatment uses pre-adipose stem cells for a variety of conditions. In addition the team also visited a number of other local hospitals and individual clinicians.

Professor Adrian Wilson said, “Painful joints are universal and the pursuit of alternatives to surgery is the same the world over. We are now able to reduce both with Lipogems therapy especially for the treatment of arthritis. I was very impressed by the way that both the medical community and regular members of the public are so inquisitive about what we are doing. They have really embraced this new treatment.”

The Karachi conference is the first stop in a planned global tour. In addition to the core surgical team The Regenerative Clinic has assembled a full team of Orthopaedic Specialists at all levels and with a broad spectrum of expertise. As well as being the No.1 regenerative clinic in the UK and one of the most respected in Europe the team will take their expertise to other countries around the world.

Nima Heidari said, “Obviously we treat medical conditions. That is at the centre of what we do but almost more important is pushing forward what we believe is going to be one of the most revolutionary treatments the world has ever seen. The potential is incredible. The money that can be saved, the surgeries and trauma that can be avoided is massive. We are here to spread the word and bring this new treatment to Pakistan.”

In addition offering regenerative treatment the team can offer the complete range of orthopaedic surgery and treatments.

During their stay Mr Noorani and Professor Wilson appeared on Dawn News TV and also were interviewed on City FM 89 to explain about regenerative treatments and the amazing new treatment Lipogems.

See the TV show footage and listen to the radio interview here.

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