Facial Lipogems®
Alex would recommend facial Lipogems®, the procedure has refreshed his face and taken away his eye-bags

“Certainly for the last few years I’ve had always had very dark bags under my eyes and they were very sunken. I’ve looked at various other procedures but never really liked the idea of going under the knife to have it done.

It’s never worried me that much although it certainly was something I looked in the mirror and thought I’d really like it if I didn’t have these really dark bags. So when I heard about this this Lipogems procedure seemed like the ideal sort of middle ground rather than having a full surgical procedure it seemed like a good good alternative.

Everybody has noticed, but they just seemed to say how well I looked, nobody asked “have you had some surgery?”. Everyone was just very complimentary on looking well.

I have noticed it hugely, it’s been a few months now since the surgery and everyday I look in the mirror still and can really still notice the difference, it’s such a vast improvement!

I thought the staff were fantastic everyone made me feel very much at ease and I found the procedure very straightforward, a couple of hours after arriving I was leaving the clinic which was fantastic.

I would definately recommend the treatment, from my perspective, the fact I didn’t need to take a long period off work was very appealing, you can have it on a Friday and potentially be back to work on a Monday.

The results for me stand out was why I’d recommend it, I don’t have the very sunk and dark bags under my eyes anymore. If I had to, I would have it done again, my recovery was very good and I had virtually no bruising at all. In the days afterwards there was a little bit of swelling and the tiniest amount of bruising I’d say my recovery was was great. I’ve seen in the last couple of weeks I’ve seen the second phase of everything, my skin looks better in the areas had treated.”

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