AMPP® injection into knees
Eleni is sleeping, walking and exercising pain free following AMPP® for advanced osteoarthritis in both knees and is keen to have the treatment in her thumb and toes after such a great result.

I was suffering from advanced osteoarthritis in both knees (grade 4), which caused me to have sharp pain as if someone was cutting me with a knife. I was unable to walk long distances without stopping, had difficulty getting into the bath and going up the stairs. I also had problems sleeping as pain would wake me up at least 3 times in the night. My left knee was worse than the right, it was swollen and making me limp.

I didn’t have high hopes for the AMPP® treatment as Prof Wilson was very matter of fact and advised me that I may not be a successful recipient, but I was prepared to exhaust all conservative measures before considering any surgical intervention.

Following the treatment my right knee is completely pain free, as if I do not suffer from osteoarthritis, which I know I do. I experience some grinding but have no pain at all.

On my left knee, the swelling has vanished. The previous continuous sharp pain inside the knee has been replaced with an occasional dull pain on the outside of the knee which I am managing with some soft tissue release (massage) by my physiotherapist. Again, there is some grinding but no pain.

I am now sleeping through the night, I can walk longer distances, bend both knees fully and I can go up the stairs without a problem. It’s made me keener to exercise as there is no pain.

It is really worth giving AMPP® a try if you wish to avoid or delay surgery. The cost is less than buying a new car. My only regret is that I did not discuss my other joint pain during my initial consultation as I could have had my osteoarthritic thumb and 3 toes treated the same time as my knees.

I would unreservedly recommend AMPP® to other patients and have already started the process of organising AMPP® treatment for my thumb and toes.

January 2020

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