Lipogems® injection into the knee
Janet is back on the badminton court following Lipogems® treatment to her knee following a ski accident several years earlier

I had an operation to replace a cruciate ligament and remove cartilage from a bucket-handle tear in my left knee after a ski accident in 2012. About 5 or 6 years later I started to have knee pain, stiffness and swelling and I kept injuring my knee whilst walking or playing sport. I would rest it for a while, and it would improve but then the cycle would repeat.

I was constantly annoyed by my knee. I had to give up playing badminton, which was a huge wrench as I have been playing since I was 13, and I couldn’t do the other things I love such as tennis and long walks in the countryside.

I was hoping that Lipogems® treatment would help to lubricate the joint to help it move more freely.

Following treatment in 2018, my knee is now great and just like normal. I’m back playing badminton once a week and can walk for hours pain free. Swelling is very limited.

I advise any patients with similar problems to give Lipogems® a try, I highly recommend it!

March 2020

Treated 9/2/2018

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