AMPP® injection into knee
John is walking further than he has for five years following AMPP® injections to his right knee for bone-on-bone cartilage damage

Aged three I had a stroke which affected the left-hand side of my body. I was brought up in a very sporty family and sport has always been unbelievably important to me. I have always played golf and tennis and enjoyed skiing and water-skiing up to the age of 68 (I’m 73 now).

As a result of the stroke, my left leg has always been weaker and as a result my right leg has done all the work.

Three or four years ago I gave up skiing as the right knee was just too weak and sore, and two years ago I stopped playing tennis, as I could no longer play as well as I used to. I was becoming concerned about the risk of injury to my right knee.

I had a consultation with Professor Wilson at The Regenerative Clinic, and we discussed AMPP®, which is a combination of Lipogems® and PRP. This course of action seemed the obvious solution as I didn’t want a new knee as I couldn’t afford to have my right knee out-of-action due to the weakness in my left leg. The non-invasive approach of AMPP® was also appealing as there was very little risk of infection and it had a lower risk than major surgery.

The procedure itself was really quick. I arrived at 11am and was walking back through Waterloo station by 5pm the same evening. The staff were extremely professional, the surgeons first class and everyone was so helpful.

Since AMPP®, only two months ago, the bone on bone ache has disappeared and my knee is feeling very much stronger & more stable. I actually felt the benefits from day one, much to my amazement! I find daily physio, exercise bike, and walking very beneficial to my recovery, which I started a week after the AMPP®.

Following AMPP® I can now walk much further, even on very rutted and muddy tracks and don’t get tired so easily. It’s brilliant, because I love walking and I haven’t been able to do that without pain for 5 years.

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