Lipogems® for Lichen Sclerosus
Since having the Lipogems® treatment Julie feels she has been given back her dignity as a woman.

How long have you been suffering with your symptoms of Lichen Sclerosis ? 

In essence I have been suffering with my symptoms since 2014 however in reality it was probably a little time before because obviously it is something that affects ones sex life as well and it was becoming painful to have sexual relations but we didn’t know what it was.

Can you describe the symptoms that you were suffering with?

I had extreme pain sporadically every few weeks after my operations which was like extreme cystitis except it wasn’t cystitis as I had it explained to me that it was extreme vaginal dryness and I had to take pain killers and use the vaginal moisturisers but the pain was still there.

How did you hear about the Lipogems® treatment? 

Ms. Beski thought that if it worked on me, because I was such a bad case than it would be very successful for all future patients.

How do you feel since having the Lipogems® treatment? 

Since I’ve had the Lipogems® treatment, and everything went back to normal, I’ve had no pain what so ever. I was actually expecting the pain and realised I was quite nervous every month waiting for the pain to come but it hasn’t come whatsoever and has made a very big difference to my well being.

I feel since having the treatment at the The Regenerative Clinic I feel I have been given back my dignity again as a Woman and I know have a fully functioning vagina which is a huge step forward from having the problems that I had. To feel like a proper woman again is fantastic.

Treated July 2018 (age 60) – added November 2018

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