Lipogems® for Lichen Sclerosus
Neena feels as though a burden has been lifted and her emotional wellbeing has considerably improved following her Lipogems® procedure.

Can you describe your symptoms and how long have you been suffering with Lichen Sclerosis?

It started about 5 years, I noticed there was dryness and itchy patches and if there was any scratching or rubbing then it would lead to bleeding. It was difficult for me to have sexual intercourse and it was a worry because there was a knock-on impact with my bladder problems, it was all connected.

How are you feeling now, post-treatment, what changes have you noticed?

There is moisture, the dryness has gone, I don’t get any bleeding so there is no soreness if there’s any itching or rubbing. Where it was fused, my vulva is reforming. The Lipogems® where they were injected there seems to be a real positive reaction within the body.

How has the treatment affected your physical and emotional well being?

I am feeling so much better in my self in terms of my emotional well being and my physical condition I noticed that in 5 months the changes have been progressing and I am keen to see how we progress further. I started to feel a burden lift and I felt emotionally in a better place. I felt as though I could carry on with the physical part of my activities and just feeling a lot more upbeat about things and I thought I feel back to normal almost and that’s how I wanted to feel and I haven’t felt that way in a long time.

Treated July 2018 (age 47) – added November 2018

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