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About Lipogems® and the Regenerative Woman Clinic

The Lipogems procedure and technique has been available worldwide for approximately 7 years, primarily in orthopaedics and aesthetics. In the UK, it was first started by The Regenerative Clinic 18 months ago. The Regenerative Woman Clinic is the sister company of The Regenerative Clinic and was founded in September 2017.

Lipogems for Gynaecology has been used on a smaller scale for approximately 5 years, primarily in Italy. The Regenerative Woman is working exclusively with Lipogems to launch Lipogems as a gynaecological treatment in the UK.
This technology is still undergoing assessment. There are some studies that clearly demonstrate its efficacy but in order for new and novel treatments to make their way on to the NHS or private medical insurance, there is invariably rather onerous processes that may take a number of years before it is approved. A good example of this is the use of platelet rich plasma which has been around for approximately 25 years, but it is only recently that it has found its way to the NHS and is being offered across the board now. There still continue to be some insurance companies that do not approve platelet rich plasma despite overwhelming evidence for its efficacy.

The Lipogems® procedure

The cells that we’re interested in collecting are called pericytes (Mesenchymal cells) as these cells have naturally regenerative properties, there’s a very high concentration of these cells in your fat tissue, what we call adipose tissue.

Quite simply what we do in the Lipogems® procedure is we remove a small amount of your fat tissue from your tummy. We then put this tissue in a closed loop system and wash it with a saline fluid to get rid of any of the impurities and then re-inject the tissue into the genitourinary area.

The pericytes then stimulate healthy cell growth and repair. The cells encourage the nourishment and hydration of the cells of the vaginal mucosa, alleviating symptoms such as dryness, soreness, burning and discomfort during intercourse. The procedure itself is performed in just under one hour and you are free to leave the clinic the very same day.

The injecting phase of the procedure is tailored specifically to each patient. The exact quantity and location of the injections is determined by your gynaecologist and is dependent on your condition. The majority of the injections are concentrated around the vulva but can also be internal inside the vagina and externally towards the rectum. In total an average of 15-30ml of Lipogems will be injected which will take around 30 minutes.

Yes the procedure is done under a light General Anaesthetic. The treatment involves a number of small injections into your most intimate area and the General Anaesthetic just makes the procedure more comfortable.

It is a very small amount of fat, around 100ml. This is then reduced to about 15-30ml which is injected in the genitourinary area.

The Lipogems treatment is a natural solution relying on the bodies own capacity to heal itself. There are no hormones, oestrogen or synthetic chemicals involved in the treatment meaning the treatment is also suitable for post cancer patients. It is designed to be a single treatment and the healing effects have been clinically proven to last for 3 + years.

The harvesting of stem cells from bone marrow is an invasive treatment, conducted under general anesthetic that can be very painful. The mesenchmyal cells present in the fat tissue are easier and less painful to access. There is also research to show that the quality of stem cells in bone marrow decreases significantly as you get older, especially in women. Age and gender has no effect on the quality of stem cells present in fat tissue. Both methods of harvesting have been tried, tested and have proven to be very affective.

The Lipogems® consultation

Absolutely, if you would also like to see an orthopaedic or plastic surgeon to discuss the additional applications of the Lipogems technology you can do so free of charge.

The outcome and aftercare of Lipogems® for woman

The initial benefits of the treatment can be experienced in as little as 4-6 weeks and definitive changes will be felt after 3 months. At 6 months patients are likely to feel the peak benefit and cases have reported benefits for up to 5 years post treatment.

There are no reports of conditions worsening as a result of the treatment. For non-responders, Lipogems also does not impact the effectiveness or eligibility for future treatments.

Cases of very severe Lichen Sclerosus and Planus may need to consider repeat treatment at 6 months/1 year. Lipogems will also not treat cancer or infertility.
No, this will have no effect on the outcome of the treatment. You can proceed with the Lipogems treatment 6 weeks after your last laser therapy session.
No affect. Your Gynaecologist will advise you more specifically, but you should be able to continue taking your HRT medication all the way up to your procedure and directly afterwards.

All patients are offered 4 follow-up appointments with their gynaecologist as part of their Lipogems package. Patient progress will be monitored closely in these appointments and for non-responders they can discuss on on-going alternative treatment plan with you. All non-responder cases are reviewed by The Regenerative Woman MDT team.

Everybody responds to General Anaesthetic differently; however you should be OK to return to work 2 days post procedure. Most of our theatre dates are on a Friday which gives you the weekend to recover.

All patients leave the clinic with an abdominal binder, thrush medication and 2 weeks’ worth of pain medication to be taken as and when required. You will receive a telephone call from our practice nurse 1- and 7-days post-op and you will have follow-up appointments with your gynaecologist at 2 weeks, 3, 6 and 9 months post-op.

The MonaLisa Touch® treatment

We usually recommend between 1 – 3 treatments approximately 40 – 60 days apart, followed by 1 annual maintenance treatment. The number of treatments needed can vary depending on how severe your symptoms are. Your gynaecologist will advise you on the best treatment plan for you following a full clinical examination.
There are some minimal risks. The treatment is performed on an outpatient or day-hospital basis. Most women report temporary side effects, slight redness or swelling: some discomfort that usually disappears.
Once your course of treatment is complete, the results can last for one year at least, depending on the severity of your presenting symptoms and life style.
Most women report slight discomfort for the first few days following their laser treatment session but most report that they were able to resume their normal routine 2-3 days post treatment.
There are no exclusion criteria as such for MonaLisa Touch, other than those related to serious local or systemic diseases. As with all of our treatments your gynaecologist must determine your suitability for treatment after your full clinical examination.
We usually recommend 3-4 days of rest before resuming regular sexual activity.

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